Monthly Archives: February 2018

Episode 10: John Raymond

The tenth episode of the Burning Ambulance podcast features John Raymond, who leads the intriguing flugelhorn-guitar-drums trio Real Feels. (Raymond and Real Feels have been featured on BA several times.) The group’s second studio album and third album overall, Joy Ride, is out now on Sunnyside. In this conversation, we discuss his time studying with Jon Faddis and John McNeil, the gradual evolution of Real Feels, the pluses and minuses of trumpet versus flugelhorn, his teaching career and what he tries to pass on to younger musicians, and much more.

Stream or download the podcast below.

Episode 9: Orrin Evans

The ninth episode of the Burning Ambulance podcast features Orrin Evans, who’s been a solo artist for about 20 years, but is gaining a brand-new audience as the new pianist—replacing Ethan Iverson—in the long-running trio The Bad Plus. The group’s first album with Evans on piano, Never Stop II, was released two weeks ago, and they’re out on the road. I’ve interviewed Evans before, and reviewed many of his albums. In this conversation, taped in early January, we discuss his early career, his placement in the annual Thelonious Monk competition, his other collaborative trio Tarbaby, his plans for juggling his solo career with his work in The Bad Plus, and much more.